Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It has been suggested to me to get a job lately. I told my elderly _________ that I could become a prostitute and _______ immediately play punched me in the arm and said "Done that already!" and then laughed hysterically at me and said "Gotcha!". I have had sex with a lot of people that nobody else wanted so maybe it's a good idea, but I'm not passive enough and I'm also prideful, which a 'ho can't wear on their sleeve. You also have to have the ability, talent and drive to work people which I don't have a drop of. A few Gays (whores) recently asked if I did escort and I was complimented as I'm grateful that I can even give it away at this point. It would be a disaster, though. I'd want to be 1979-1982 hustler in grey with a thin gold chain and a cracked pleated leather jacket that was too small for me and short feathery hair (maybe even some acne). Or loose guess jeans and a team shirt and cap, walking around pawing the crotch of my low jeans and saying 'sup'. My working name would be Rich Johns which would put everybody off. I would also immediately blow my cover every time by getting in a conversation with a John about their home (which they would be bragging about) or the inevitable breakdown of questions I get about ethnicity and origin. All attempts at being moderately rough trade would be laughable. All these notions I have about escorting in New York are not even out of touch, but just fantasies (which I should pay for!) ; the industry is actually very advanced and many of the escorts have functional lucrative straightforward sex careers. I really do want to place a RentBoy ad though. They're so glamorous, those boys.

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