Sunday, September 12, 2010


SO blogger said that I had REACHED THE FULL AMOUNT OF IMAGE STORAGE nd now THEY WANT MONEY for me to post more. So I'm closing the blog from viewing. Feel free to image capture or whatever because I'm closing it's visibility soon. XOX R


Lauren said...

Will they let you delete images from storage and still let you keep them on the site? WordPress does, but I'm not sure about here. Maybe you should consider moving over there? Or you could leave this blog up, and make a new one to continue blogging. You're interesting and I think you should stick around!! Or move to WordPress and post the link here?
Best of luck, Lauren

ayeM8y said...

Not again. I find you interesting too. The only blogger who actually has an interesting life. One who commits blog hari kari so easily. You need a photo hosting service like flikr or photobucket and copy the url associated with it and use that to upload to blogger thereby not using their storage space.

I’m thinking of moving to tumblr.

Let us know what you decide or where you go, I’m addicted and need a Reavis fix from time to time.

Reavis Eitel said...

I don't want to delete stuff!
I'm over it.
Thnx u tho! r