Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Really? I'm pretty sure judgement is here loud and strong.



A friend of mine legally changed his name to "Blank", which I am honoring. A number of people have done this and apparently there's a word for changing your name to blank. I do think his photo selections for the site are nicely executed, well edited and very marketable images. Pictured above: his friend and upstairs neighbor supermodel Sybil Buck giving us a top notch model pose expression.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is apparently a bank. Someone sent it to me and I didn't get it. OH right, BareBack and T (crystal meth). The skull head queen on the right does look like he's a few degrees away from meth mouth, but not everyone can brush floss and listerine 2x + a day like me. I'm so chaste and undrugged that I was really very pleased with myself that I didn't get the BB&T reference - a new advent in my no longer having tina on the brain! I DO want to use it as my manhunt profile pic, but you know they won't let me.


Lulu (aka YoolOohLu), 13, was put down today. It had been well planned and she had the greatest of blessings from Buddhist temples and those that love her. TABBOO! came by to pick up some Callas and Caballe records I was getting rid of, but as he is the closest thing to a guru I know I sort of had an ulterior motive for Lulu to be blessed by his presence. I had no idea that he would make such a perfect depiction of Lulu with her lovable snagglepuss, pellet like figure and unclipped rat like claws! I love it. Little Miss Lulu had a huge hamburger with cheese and an egg (her favorite) and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, because dogs can't eat chocolate - but what's it going to do today, kill her? She ran in the sun and was later euthanized with a great deal of class. I, of course, appreciate anyone's condolences (but they aren't necessary), but please no omg's or exclamations or hysteria, it's extremely bad for the recently dead and I feel very strongly about that.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Quite possibly my favorite mural on the Lower East Side...


For such a beautiful little lady, there's a lot of her! Nobody is doing the thing that Anna is doing and Anna is doing her thing all the time. "It's Summer In Austrlia" Show Saturday January 24th at 10pm $15- The Zipper Factory 336 W. 37th or 212.352.3101. ACC shows are always packed.


So, if you thought the wrestler was hot, here's my Texan first cousin in blue letting the other guy have it!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Two Jabba images in my blog in just a few weeks. Just when you may have thought my blog had become dark enough, I have this to share. Ok, so readers may know that I'm on a treatment that made me lose way too much weight. They put me on Megastrol Oral Suspension, an evil rancid liquid for anorexics or people wasting. Within 3 days of taking just a teaspoon a day I was eating double portion vats of penne vodka with mozzarella and resting a few hours before eating more. It was fun and perfectly ok, having dropped 18 lbs was scary and I just enjoyed it. I was also put Remeron a mild antidepressant that also puts weight on. BOOM-PUFF: I get Edema, this condition that, well it's gross I don't suggest you look it up, but it puffs your lower face neck abdomen knees ankles etc LOL. I'm sorry, but it is funny. It is also not symmetrical which adds to the it's weirdness. I got it in the lower face and neck. I look like Tori Spelling on steroids. I stopped taking the drugs a week ago and I'm still eating like it's my last day and have a neck like a pelican. Most people look like sh*t anyways, so nobody has really noticed. I had trouble speaking a little cause of it and that's when I faced the fact that I was puffin out big time. It has been fun making faces for my friends. Also, one of the ways you can tell that you have the condition is if you poke edema areas for 5 seconds, then remove your finger, it stays indented then puffs back out - like memory foam! Im great at parties. I've been doing 45 minutes of cario everyday for a week and to see my face in motion in the mirror across from the elliptical machine is a hoot. It will go away but I can't stop laughing about it because it's so screwed up. I have 3 months a 3 weeks left on the interferon and I'm going to be cured so I don't care. I have trainers aestheticians and dermatologists lined up for April. While laid up on my treatment I had my old broken nose fixed and converted back into the perfect roman nose I originally had, my regular constant infusion of botox (of course), a few other little things done and extensive tattoo work. I'm going to look downright unbelievable in August. I must say that it has been bizarre being Karen Carpenter one month and Jabba the next. Two incarnations I never thought I would have in my lifetime, and certainly not so close to each other and for such a brief period of time.


Is it wrong for me to do documentary filming? OK, this IS depressing, sorry: I was walking the dog about 9 or 10 am Christmas morning on 2nd street between ave. B & C and from far away I saw some poor young man clearly nodding out on heroin. Avenue C and 3rd street used to be the spot to score - I'd like to say back in the day, but it wasn't that long ago. The needle exchange was on C between 3rd and 4th. This neighborhood's radical facelift and present astronomical rents and spoiled young white tenants have made it so that you would never see any reminder of what the Lower East Side (formerly Alphabet City) used to be like. I rarely see all out junkies in Manhattan anymore. I saw this kid from far away and I always have my camera prepared and ready to shoot in my left pocket, set with a fast option of either still or film, so I just hit film and walked towards him. You can't see his face. After I passed him he got up and tried to walk and looked like he would injure himself and I was going to go try and help him, but I might not have been able to and just left it alone. I did feel badly for him. I mean it was Christmas morning.

Perhaps it's the fast pace of the camera moving towards the person that makes it look so exploitive, but it's just me walking towards a person. I made a similar video this summer following this guy on 14th street. He was electric red and on so much crystal and steroids that I thought he was going to pop. Waiting for the light he could not keep still and was breathing like an asthmatic dragon. So I just followed him a little and filmed him. You can't really see how puffed he was from behind or how much his gait was distorted in the video, but I entitled it "Man On Steroids Tries To Walk". I love that he makes it by a traffic cone. Some steroid fan with a twisted pro steroid site in Croatia posted it and it got tons of hits. 7,000 hits later I have hateful comments from roid heads either defending him, hating on me, being homophobic towards me and/or saying that the guy would "destroy me" (?!) or that I was out of shape and jealous (as if!). Once again you can't see the guys face. I don't think either of these videos are so insidious.


Saturday, December 27, 2008



My altar is in bloom. The buddha does not mind resting on ugly pressboard above a drawer of socks (I'll get a sari to throw over it, hush up). My own OCD to get the Moroccan lamps even was in vain ; my walls and ceiling are completely warped, like it's inhabitant, due to being on the top floor. The good thing about Moroccan lamps is that they were designed for you to be able to leave a candle in them unattended, and my altar has candles burning 24 hours a day. Morocco hasn't burned down yet. For votive candle shoppers, may I suggest the 7 day candles, they are well worth it for your dollar. The regular ones last 2 - 2 1/2 days tops. I buy them from the elderly ladies at one of the last the local Santeria Botanicas (The LES is horribly gentrified). Change the oranges on the altar before they get stale and do an incense every day. The bother will change your life in 1 week. I'm not promoting Buddhism here necessarily, by the way. You could have a picture of a sports car a dead celebrity or a piece of soap: just find something you can tolerate or are fond of looking at. Something from the unseen will come and inhabit that image and interact with you without fail. If your intentions are good, have no fear of anything creepy joining you. Demonology is overrated anyway ; most are just mischievous and are too busy in politics anyways.

Who is this mystic lady amongst the green dots tucked away behind the altar? Have a closer click - its the Lady Serena Sunshine!


I have been listening to this on itunes radio under the classical section. First of all I need more classical music and little LuLu is absolutely soothed by it. A Mr.Lambourn (no "E" at the end) comes in between every song in perfect diction and tone with an elaborate embellished fanciful spiritual quote, then the next song starts. It's positively addictive and grabs my attention, alternately causing me to look at the name of the song going on (which is listed on itunes as it plays) and this chap, yours truly, is very accepting and in need of more education in the department of classical music. But what lazy American slob ever has the time or opportunity for education at all, let's face it. Then I saw Mr.Lambourn's picture on the site they have and that's it I'm hooked ; he's fantastic.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Michael (aka Mykul) Tronn, Party promoter & New York legend, now has a blog.


Please Click On The Peacock...

Wearing jewelry, I, a painted peacock, grew out from a tree that had been planted by seeds of rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Branching out in nature, the river of the cosmos flowed by where Baby Shiva bore me a mirror. But what I appeared to be and the reflection of my physicality was fleeting and escaped me like a Maxfield Parrish billow of smoke. The Goddess Lakshmi looked on.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I know I continue to mention clicking on the image, but it looks so small and dinky on the screen in the blog and has so much detail enlarged so for the billionth time feel free to examine this new demented clip art I've made.

I'll spare you pictures of slaughterhouses and I'm not on any sort of mission to convert or judge anyone. Well, except for the beef and poultry industry. Look into it thoroughtly... oh wait I'm sure you won't or can't. We just don't dwell on that and that's ok, this is something I'm very excited about doing. My conversion is really part of an ever growing daily Buddhist practice in my life, dietary aspirations as well as deep moral and political feelings. And the PETA people got me... big time. Also, living in Manhattan, I have every resource for gourmet meat free food. The markets are bursting with them and there are popular restaurants everywhere. For lunch in a restaurant around the corner from me yesterday, I had a piece of vegan meatloaf bigger than my hand with portobello mushrooms wrapped around it, mash potatoes with non dairy gravy, corn and sweet potatoes. For dinner I made myself these frozen meatless meatballs in whole wheat linguini with a homemade tomato sauce and a side of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower (in a non dairy butter substitute). Also, it's not like I'm suffering trying to make non meat items taste like meat ; these items taste better to me and for some reason all the meat flavor attempts at vegetarian food taste totally different and unique. If you think about it milk is gross but I'm going to eat items made with it out and about in my life. Stealing an egg from under a chicken being raised organically isn't the worst thing in the world either, however I was just informed that the free range chickens live in terror and unhealthy conditions as well. This is going to be a process but a process I look forward to.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Below are two left arms. The guy on the left is someone who was at the party and the arm on the right is mine. Strange that we both got very similar Tibetan images of offerings to vengeful deities on the same arm in the same place. Now, looking at the photo, I think our palms are similar!

Following photos by Gene Fedorko


These were animated moving gif format files, but I couldn't get them to twinkle when I transferred them.


...then its time to double up on some pills! Seriously though, this is another good reason to buy top shelf cereal and not impostors: schizophrenia.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Everyone puts all their clothes to swap in a giant mound and then jumps into it! I was the only male. It was my job to occasionally churn the clothes and possibly provide security.