Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm trying to seriously go into charity work and am in turn trying to learn as much as I can. Charitable and spiritual organizations often refer to 'service' and 'being of service'. I'm sorry, I'm Gay and came out at a very early age and have still not grown up enough so that every 1 in 3 times I hear 'service'... I'm sorry I'm going to giggle.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009






He's the newest of bizarre and desperate choices from a flailing and self devouring Republican party. I don't know If you saw his Republican immediate 'response' after Obama's very powerful speech, but Lindal's awkward body language and old boy pleading was once again difficult to trust and surreal, especially after having already sat through the Steele monologues.
* * * * *
These are a hard and a most fearful time, but I wouldn't trade the hope and optimism and happiness I have felt from this very gentle and brilliant couple we have as President and First Lady, the Obama's, for any fast prize. The same goes for the outreach and return of good will I've experienced with my fellow person in the past several months. Ir has been profound for me.
XO Reavis



I want one just to make everyone sick. I think in teal or kelly green is the most repulsive, but I'll go for black as usual. I'm told they never rip, but I'm looking forward to one so I can cover it with silver duct tape. That's the look.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Click & Freeze!

I was just sent these pictures of the current weather where relatives of mine live. It looks like a fake set in a stop animation Christmas special. I thought it was brutal trudging along through 20 degree weather today here in the city. It's so cold up there that you don't feel it when you enter into it. You know what the next step after that is.


It has gotten really crusty here so they are blowing it out. I had to sit on managements head for weeks to get anything moving. Even the black on the metal stair needs a new coat as it's all stripped. With my junk show of cheap 60's rococo and other worthless furniture, I need all the help I can get in this place and always new and white walls are just the key. Covering all 4 chandeliers was not fun for me I was a real crank and procrastinator all weekend. New York law: your landlord is required to repaint every 3 years.

I hate and do not own any clutter. I destroy all paper and correspondence I don't need. This temporary pile of clutter I can't even look at - I can't stand exposed junk. In looking at it I can't decide which smell I love better: A sharpie pen or poppers? You know things have come together for you in life when you chuck the Cartier watch next to the scotch tape.

Nothing like a reflective glitter 'love' protest sign next to a randomly thrown power drill.


In gutting and renovating the place, all of the huge and terrifying artwork I made years ago has resurfaced. but I have to live with them up in my face packed in my bedroom until they finish with the rest of the apartment, it's totally surreal. I never noticed how insane or dark these were until I recently took a closer look. You know you're a kook when you are making collages of cigarette smoking King Tut's with pinned eyes out of gold plastic and lame. I often painted over faces up to 5 or six times making face upon face and often got frustrated and either blanked the area out, or simply threw things out on the street that were upsetting me. Making art had been an upsetting process entirely, every single stroke, for reasons that I don't want to get into. I decided to stop doing artwork in the past few years, or at least am adopting a different way of art maybe an art in living. Funny thing is I walked by an antique dealer friend of mine's place and a portrait of a woman seemed to pop out at me, like someone I knew. I couldn't figure it out and after looking at it for a little while I realized that it was a painting that I felt I overworked and just left out in the august sun on my street.

Friday, February 20, 2009


"This is the stoop lady who sits on 14th St. by Nowhere bar all day wearing one fabulous house frock after another and drinking from her brown bag to go. I nicknamed her Birdy and sometimes she snaps to attention and actually says hello. Other times she just curses under her breath. i like the latter Birdy better."
Photo by Walt Cessna NYC 08
* * * * *
I love 'Birdie'! I see her on Avenue C sometimes asking for a "ciggawets". I always give her booze money. A girlfriend of mine once ignored her when Birdie was panhandling and she called my friend a c*nt! -R.E.

This is what we need to do with Birdie, start a cult around her and have all the designers in our power make outfits for her like Edith Massey. I know you would join. The Kool-Aid punch would be awesome, I assure you.


Again, my sound stinks, but you can hear the overitness and reading well enough to get the idea that this after after hours party was a real serious deal. I don't know where we were at after hours right before this clip was shot years ago, but back at my apartment The Princess wasn't having Johnny's glib comments at all. I think we listened to the entire Sade cd shuffle.


Sunday, at the Governor's Dinner!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


...was me, a vegetable marinated in the tin can of an MTA subway car. I never made it to this film archive screening... That's the surprise!

Top of the red line is where I live, bottom is where I tried to go. An hour and 20 minutes travel time alloted (in the rain) and I took a cab to the subway and still got screwed trying to get there in any decent amount of time.

Ok, so I made a screw up with the transfer, I was on the R not the M. By the time I was on track, I would have been 10 to 20 minutes late for the event and I don't do late ever (I'm always early, occasionally on time), unless people are waiting and then I rush even more and am stressed and apologetic and also psychologically wrecked. We don't do late in NYC, or at least I don't - once again, ever. So I knew I was defeated so just transferred and headed home on the D or Q train (standing for 'Dumb Queen ' i.e. me).

I took this (pardon the focus on all of these, shooting from the hip can be hard) first picture before my impending lateness closed in on me, but later realized that taking some pics of outer-borough realness fashions would be the only saving grace I could salvage from this crummy wet trip through these rat holes. This handsome 6'3" gloriously pitch black & handsome (albeit booger-crack) man had it all together with making fashion work on any budget. He had shorts on with electric blue long johns that tapered into his North Face down stuffed puff high top sneakers, a coat made of a thick flecked upholstery carpet style fabric large enough to wall to wall carpet an entire hotel room, flat brimmed baseball cap (of course) with 'Brooklyn' embroidered in hip hop script and expensive headphones. He was Gay, and not closeted. The children are out there right now.

'Sagging' is still very much alive and well and the boxers exhibited are always very visible in white or flashy patterns. Why flash your underwear if it's dark or matching your pants? Buttless (a word I think that should be in spellcheck - ooh 'spellcheck' is in spellcheck... that's not a word! WORD.) ... sorry... Buttless people are not encouraged to sag and you won't see a lot of the flat boys even entertaining the idea of sagging their jeans. Having a butt is a form of exerting your masculinity?

You can still be butch as ever and wear tight jeans, so long as they are low and end in high tops. Every guy had tight jeans, a lot of grey. Peoples shoes are getting crusty in this economy, so the main item people have invested some cash in is their jacket, either down or small leather disco with a hoodie. The jacket presence was very visible.

Speaking of crust, at this one outdoor station in the middle of nowhere there was this beautiful algae panning down the metal wall. I could only get a small part of it, but I thought it had a Monet water lily quality. Maybe not. I was tired.
* * * * *
Now let me address the T.M. short films screening I REALLY wanted to go to and Brooklyn in general. I know he's dead, but he lived on 5th avenue and all his work took place and was about the East Village in the 80's and 90's. WHY was the whole wonderful series of films being showed in an area of Brooklyn that was pretty remote and a serious pain in the everything to get to?!?! I mean how miserable is that? Also Brooklynites: You are always moaning that you are 1 stop away and that it's closer than most other parts of Manhattan. No its not. The timing never works properly and you loose an entire spontaneous aspect to your living if you have to go and (forbid) live in the Hobbit inhabited get-your-food-before-dark Brooklyn. I'm sorry I can't sugar coat this any longer. If you are from there and love the life there, then fine, but those of you who moved there from Manhattan are a fragile bunch we all do this dance around in order to not be too brutal about your (I'm sorry) ...failure. There I said it. Let me also add that when we come out there we already begin to feel a little dirty during the trip, are never warmed enough (or let's face it, at all) by any Brooklyn hospitality and feel a little battered and happy to return to our island the second we see the subway stop is in Manhattan or see our glistening home shining at us as we cross the bridge.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 7:30pm
220 36th Street, 5th Floor – NEW SPACE
Brooklyn, New York

Some lineup!
The Mother Show, 1991, 4 mins
Uncover...Me!, 1988, 2 mins
Made for TV, 1984, 15 mins
Summer of Love, 1989, 30 secs
Hustle with My Muscle, 1986, 4 mins
Bump and Grind It, 1986, 3 mins
John Sex: The True Story, 1983, 4 mins
The Drag Queen Marathon, 1986, 5 mins
Pickle Surprise!, 1990, 1 min
Chicken Elaine, 1983, 1 min
Strawberry Shortcut, 1989, 1 min
The Fairies, 1989, 5 mins
Love Is the Message, 1990, 4 mins
Wigstock: The Movie!, 1987, 21 mins

Seven dolla! I'm not going to say I'm going because then someone with a wandering eye pops up and pets my arm saying that I'm their hero (sorry, Chuckie) which is a scary prospect (for them and me - everyone involved gets hurt, much like reading this), but I'm actually going to go and figure out where 36th street in 'Brooklyn' is other than being between 35th & 37th. Leaving Manhattan makes me feel dirty.

If you aren't familiar... (then come together)...


Talented talented talented. New album "Genderful". I can finally see her in the city and will go to the Santos gig (eight dolla!). There's a lot of email info sent when your gigs are popular, so I'll just keep it to the show dates, but checkout her paintings on her MyRape page....

Thurs. Feb. 19th
at Small Beast at The Delancy
168 Delancy Street,
New York City, New York
(near Clinton)
The show starts at 9, well be on around 10pm, there are greta act at this place so (including Paul doing his solo set, so I suggest getting there for the beginning of the evening.


Mon. March 30th
Santos Party House
96 Lafayette St.
212 714 4646

Wed. April 22nd
Joe's Pub at the Public Theater
425 Lafayette St.
with Edison Woods
advance tickets:




They finally came out with a pharmaceutical, Propranolol, that apparently erases bad memories! Side effect? Voting republican in 2012.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Something I've noticed from instructors: If you aren't all extended looking like a stretched out pigeon they seem to think you are deformed. I don't want perfect posture I think it looks weird as hell. Also, a goal is to entirely breathe through your nose. I can't do that. My lungs are huge and my nose is... well let's just say it's very very very very small and just for show. When I try to explain this they are horrified because I can never evolve in their system that they just bought right off the bat. Please. Also, they always remind people to be careful and that yoga should not be a painful or strenuous thing. I know they add precautions to all exercises, but this is the only one where they remind you out loud that it's not supposed to be miserable. And about peoples capacities to assume these ancient unproven and unattractive poses: In the short term, a long distance runner probably couldn't be a great weightlifter, A basketball player may not make the best jockey and a weightlifter is probably going to have a difficult time with yoga. I just came to your d*mn foul sweat pit to stretch and get limber - spare me the bad touch of hugging and Svarsrmtrakaashiturdrashambullshytikka or whatever. Why can't we westernize this thing and clear just some of the mystic cobwebs out of this practice? The whole thing is embarrassing, as I think most rose tinted new age western ways of interpreting eastern concepts are. I wanted to make a list of funny plays on the names of the poses, but in looking at them they are totally messed up already!
- Downward-Facing Douche (that is mine)
- Child's Pose : I call it child sex worker pose. If you haven't seen it, your ass is in the air and your head is on the ground. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Any child made to assume that pose... well, wouldn't be a child long, honey!
- Salutation Seal : Appropriate for these flexibility obsessed Nazis. Why is becoming plastic man the goal of armies of people right now? It's just wrong - being outrageously flexible isn't superior to anything, unless you are having a lot of noticeable trouble reaching things from your desk.
- Half Moon : What I get a whole room of in my face each time I go to these torture pits of 'bliss'.
- Cow Face : Don't know what this is but it's probably some Guru humiliation tactic for foot worshippers.
- Noose : Need I say more?
- One-Legged King Pigeon : What is going on here you freaks?!
OK, forget it, I can't even continue making this list.

So, basically, if you keep pursuing this your going to end up like this. It's not cute and certainly not a goal of mine. I'm going to get a very small simple book of Yogic postures that shows which muscles each pose stretches and do some stretches before or after I workout, but let me just lastly say: You yoga people are arrogant snobbish freaks walking around the city with your dime store enlightenment wrapped up in your smelly mat bobbing off your extended backs. Really, they're totally snotty - check them out!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I wish my book of shadows looked like these grimoires by Paul Tronson, Royal Bookbinder. They make mine look like a spiral bound meade notebook. I still haven't figured out the pimping blacksploitation style funk they put booming to the webpage!


Everyone in the rag trade is nuts at the moment, working until 11 pm and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe JUST maybe the economy will pick up and they will be able to move the old merch of cr*ploads of stripes and skinny jeans that they've been shoving down our throats for the past 4 years.


I'm about to go to the gym. I'm reviewing some old hilarious videotapes I recorded from the 80's and 90's and this ad was on one. I don't have much sex on my site, but this is so totally funny and retarded!


The old Lower East Side hippy couple strolling behind me giggled at my documenting some old neighborhood charm. I was surprised it hadn't been opened and licked - there's still some good stuff in there! Personally, I don't see it anymore, but this area used to be a supermarket for junk and apparently there is still a thriving market. With cell phone use I think delivery has made the exchange a much more quiet act. I later went to a late afternoon Valentine's party where their was a small Gay Chelsea muscle presence and they were tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky! Ooooooooooh!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Don't take chances with the guillotine of my words!
* * * * *
I do NOT recall trying to friend this person on Facebook. If I did it was random and maybe because of some friend connection - I don't know - but I highly doubt I tried to friend him. I'm always fine with rejection, but never confuse me with someone vying for you as I am authentically legendary. If I did try to friend someone and they weren't interested, just hit ignore. Don't write a letter explaining your delusional problem of popularity and even promote yourself at the same time asking me to 'join a group'! I'm a sweetie but don't be an ass towards me because I will read you to filth. Maybe I wanted to friend his dog... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no.

"Michael E Cummins"


Thanks for the request!

Unfortunately I try to keep my personal account to a minimum which is why we have a MR. BLACK Groups Page on Facebook so you can always be in on the action!

Be sure to sign up + be one step ahead of the crowd!

Thanks, hope to see you on the runway!


* * * * *

"Reavis Eitel"

Be sure to kiss my ass!

I never tried to friend you - as if.

I'm totally putting this ass in 9 message in my blog, google me for the addy.

One step ahead LOL Sheesh how very dare you!

Gofukyrself! REAVIS

I'm from the old school clubs and I'm not a member of any 'fan clubs' thanks for the serious EW offer.

I highly suggest Mr.'Goings' watches this entire movie several times with the clipboard and pencil he probably carries around because I'm sure it will answer any of the flippant questions he would probably have about this very thorough and necessary reading session that just took place.