Monday, February 23, 2009


In gutting and renovating the place, all of the huge and terrifying artwork I made years ago has resurfaced. but I have to live with them up in my face packed in my bedroom until they finish with the rest of the apartment, it's totally surreal. I never noticed how insane or dark these were until I recently took a closer look. You know you're a kook when you are making collages of cigarette smoking King Tut's with pinned eyes out of gold plastic and lame. I often painted over faces up to 5 or six times making face upon face and often got frustrated and either blanked the area out, or simply threw things out on the street that were upsetting me. Making art had been an upsetting process entirely, every single stroke, for reasons that I don't want to get into. I decided to stop doing artwork in the past few years, or at least am adopting a different way of art maybe an art in living. Funny thing is I walked by an antique dealer friend of mine's place and a portrait of a woman seemed to pop out at me, like someone I knew. I couldn't figure it out and after looking at it for a little while I realized that it was a painting that I felt I overworked and just left out in the august sun on my street.


twunty mcslore said...

Love the sequin face. Inspiring.

ayem8y said...

You know there is probably a whole alternate universe that worships your abandoned artwork.

Reavis Eitel said...

Yes lead by Birdie.