Friday, February 20, 2009


"This is the stoop lady who sits on 14th St. by Nowhere bar all day wearing one fabulous house frock after another and drinking from her brown bag to go. I nicknamed her Birdy and sometimes she snaps to attention and actually says hello. Other times she just curses under her breath. i like the latter Birdy better."
Photo by Walt Cessna NYC 08
* * * * *
I love 'Birdie'! I see her on Avenue C sometimes asking for a "ciggawets". I always give her booze money. A girlfriend of mine once ignored her when Birdie was panhandling and she called my friend a c*nt! -R.E.

This is what we need to do with Birdie, start a cult around her and have all the designers in our power make outfits for her like Edith Massey. I know you would join. The Kool-Aid punch would be awesome, I assure you.