Friday, February 13, 2009


Don't take chances with the guillotine of my words!
* * * * *
I do NOT recall trying to friend this person on Facebook. If I did it was random and maybe because of some friend connection - I don't know - but I highly doubt I tried to friend him. I'm always fine with rejection, but never confuse me with someone vying for you as I am authentically legendary. If I did try to friend someone and they weren't interested, just hit ignore. Don't write a letter explaining your delusional problem of popularity and even promote yourself at the same time asking me to 'join a group'! I'm a sweetie but don't be an ass towards me because I will read you to filth. Maybe I wanted to friend his dog... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no.

"Michael E Cummins"


Thanks for the request!

Unfortunately I try to keep my personal account to a minimum which is why we have a MR. BLACK Groups Page on Facebook so you can always be in on the action!

Be sure to sign up + be one step ahead of the crowd!

Thanks, hope to see you on the runway!


* * * * *

"Reavis Eitel"

Be sure to kiss my ass!

I never tried to friend you - as if.

I'm totally putting this ass in 9 message in my blog, google me for the addy.

One step ahead LOL Sheesh how very dare you!

Gofukyrself! REAVIS

I'm from the old school clubs and I'm not a member of any 'fan clubs' thanks for the serious EW offer.

I highly suggest Mr.'Goings' watches this entire movie several times with the clipboard and pencil he probably carries around because I'm sure it will answer any of the flippant questions he would probably have about this very thorough and necessary reading session that just took place.


Tenn. said...
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Misster Kitty said...

à vous deux.

twunty mcslore said...

What a pretentious piglet. Must be nice and blissful living in such a delusional world. There's nothing like a false sense of entitlement and self esteem to help you get through the day.
Team Reavis!
(Was that too cutesy?)
Oh hell, I don't care.
Big kiss and Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous!

beachcruisermag said...

reavis man, you rock!!! i got a similar response when, i must admit, did send him a friend request. i got a big laugh out of his delusional fabulosity as i always do at this behavior, was going to write back but didn't. i may take a cue from you and start a BLACKLIST on my blog here, would be very fitting for him to be the first!