Sunday, July 31, 2011


I wasn't paid to advertise for this site, I just think it's major. I already want a few things. Anyplace whose wholesale site is has my vote.


My quickly thrown together montages of Kati Stern of Venexiana adorned with a beard and bindi of her daughter, my internet Wife, Тамара кішечка.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Even I have tight weekends in this economy. Not so tight that I couldn't take the train, but I did walk over maybe 70 blocks today (and did arms for an hour). I need to walk some head stuff off...

It was about meat today. People meat, real estate meat -- MY MEAT. I never did find the beef party advertised, I wasn't sure if it was a dollar twenty five or one hundred and twenty five and I just didn't want to show up expecting to pay a dollar and a quarter and just not have a hundred and twenty five in my wallet at the door. And it a jock strap and all... it's embarrassing.

I never noticed the McGraw hill deco building in all my 37 years on this island. I tried to take it in high definition. It's my new favorite. Becoming a Westsider has made me an immediate tourist.

Yes my tired reeboks are from last summer, but my calves are from the future. My clothes are totally out of date and the body is sick. When a guy doesn't like what I'm wearing I just... take it off. ( stole that from Crystal in The Women)

Still a few porn places in midtown. Unfortunately, real strong poppers were discontinued in NYC and they can only either sell their old stock or carry the new ones which all say VCR cleaner or something on them. Weak stuff. This all happened months ago and I was more upset that poppers were discontinued than Gay marriage not being legal.

It's pronounced 'Eh-Bahd' but it just doesn't look good.

Everywhere I went there was a view of the Empire State. I was having a great time with it and myself.

Style note: wear one black pantyhose. Surely this was kept from falling down the wearer by chopping off one leg and keeping the control top intact. Green No.13 shirt noted.

Age. It's coming. I see it in my chin. And there are these mirrors in my new bathroom in which I can see myself backwards - you know about these mirrors? Your eye is used to seeing yourself a certain way in the mirror so if you see yourself backwards it's a disaster. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical, that is natural and actually good. They tried to correct Bardot's face on the computer to give it perfect symmetry and she had no sex appeal when they did. So you see yourself backwards and you look like a Picasso and it's scary. Getting old is scary too. Scaring people when you get old must be fun though.

Low hanger. I'm not going to say where and when but I was broken into last week and it was not cute for me.

I thought it was another image of straight people flaunting intimacy, but I think she's being terrorized and you know I'm ok with it now.

Piece of Crapo 'London Terrace' currently engulfed in a ring of dumpy scaffolding with ugly pictures on it (not pictured).

What the hell is on that terrace a giant drug straw?! I should watch my mouth but I hate this damn place. People hear the world 'London' and then the word 'Terrace' and all of a sudden it's luxury because of some pool in the basement? Someone offered to help 'get me in' when I was moving. OOH. Cracked stylists in tiny apartments broken up by small little hallways with a hundred coats of paint for a ton of money. They look like projects. Someone told me that I have some very very distant relatives in the coooooooooooooo ops but it must be a similar name and no relation and if we are related they probably have bad taste, are money mongers, embarrassed by me and shouldn't show up at the next funeral if they know what's good for them.

Ah! My rage subsides seeing this cool beacon. I was a Chrysler building guy forever, but I'm getting swooded.

Pahden me for going into your apt from the Highline, but shell out for the 2 1/2 story curtains bytchez. The problem with these very cunty new residences (which I'm all for ; I've accepted this about NY) is that the people in them aren't glamorous. There's a lot of douchy number crunchers in flip flops. Enough with the hipster hats!

I spend all day being nice and having a good time. I come here to be like this. I'm sorry. I'm not hater.

This a real coke-y looking building I should have got it from the side.

The sun got lower and a breeze came in and I sat down

And I think it's the first time in over a year or years that I sat down somewhere and enjoyed a few moments just for the very moment. Then I fell out of it and took a picture of it.


I heard that there is a money burning BBQ on the top terrace after sunset.

The top of DVM. Everyone want's it to be Diane Von Furstenburg's bedroom, or their bedroom, but it's not.

Exit High Line just south of 14 st. This will be all glass and $$$$$$$$$ in less than a year. I'll get back to you on it.

I saw over 8 cute young black guys and Dykes with mohawks or today, four at the gym. Wait I saw maybe 10. Seriously. Every white lean but not enticing man in their 40's took their clothes off today as well.

The 'Freedom Tower'. You can't tell me that doesn't look twisted and fucked up. It's creepy to the core.

So to wrap it up, Christianity is still awful and we will never get it out of us because we will run of of resources before we drop the damn thing.

This entry is dedicated to Billy Beyond's Blog for his coverage of the West side, NYC architecture and hating on the Freedom Tower.


I used to be an M14 bus queen because I had to get all the way to Avenue C. Now I'm occasionally... well rarely... an M57 bus queen (that goes across 57th street for those of you off island) because I live well none of your business. I haven't been a pot user for a very long time. It's really saddened the people who have known me since high school. It gives me anxiety. And thats all. I'm glad some1 on the back of this bus had some good shit though.

Non a stub left. Come to NYC. You can get a job drinking.

Women and their big ass problems. Yes it's huge be happy - any Gay guy would be. I am. Worry about it being misshapen. Or just an ugly butt. Awful. Or no ass. Tragic. Don't look.

And then today it was nuts - we know it would rain and it did (I missed the madness I was in the gym. You should be also, btw. I've seen everyone this summer)... but the entire sky on the West side was 5 different shades of electric purple after. My camera couldn't capture it. Sunsets always look like crap on film, so just imagine it. It was so cool. The end of the world is going to be so beautiful I just hope there are dealers around so I can blitzed for the visuals. Armageddon on acid! It would be okay to do drugs then - no coming down. The world would be gone.

My shadow looks muscular... but I'm STILL SKINNY. Wait my head looks huge in this shadow. It's because the light was up near my head behind me. Yeah that's it. You know that was in some top 10 weird disorder thing... people who think their head is huge. That must be awful. Such a boring disorder. Not a lot of creativity around that. My head feels huge - end of story. Awful. I actually do have a small head I mean a pin head but but - oh stop reading this garbage!