Saturday, July 30, 2011


I used to be an M14 bus queen because I had to get all the way to Avenue C. Now I'm occasionally... well rarely... an M57 bus queen (that goes across 57th street for those of you off island) because I live well none of your business. I haven't been a pot user for a very long time. It's really saddened the people who have known me since high school. It gives me anxiety. And thats all. I'm glad some1 on the back of this bus had some good shit though.

Non a stub left. Come to NYC. You can get a job drinking.

Women and their big ass problems. Yes it's huge be happy - any Gay guy would be. I am. Worry about it being misshapen. Or just an ugly butt. Awful. Or no ass. Tragic. Don't look.

And then today it was nuts - we know it would rain and it did (I missed the madness I was in the gym. You should be also, btw. I've seen everyone this summer)... but the entire sky on the West side was 5 different shades of electric purple after. My camera couldn't capture it. Sunsets always look like crap on film, so just imagine it. It was so cool. The end of the world is going to be so beautiful I just hope there are dealers around so I can blitzed for the visuals. Armageddon on acid! It would be okay to do drugs then - no coming down. The world would be gone.

My shadow looks muscular... but I'm STILL SKINNY. Wait my head looks huge in this shadow. It's because the light was up near my head behind me. Yeah that's it. You know that was in some top 10 weird disorder thing... people who think their head is huge. That must be awful. Such a boring disorder. Not a lot of creativity around that. My head feels huge - end of story. Awful. I actually do have a small head I mean a pin head but but - oh stop reading this garbage!


ayeM8y said...

"Armageddon on acid!"

Good shit on the back of the bus makes it all worth while!

Getting laced on a blunt and stoned on grass is my priority at the memento!

I'm left on the right and right on the left!

Fuck Ever'body else!

Reavis Eitel said...

haHA! It's so good to hear from you! You know some1 was sobaked to do that graffiti.