Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Full of WHAT?!?! This ad is all over the city's mass transit system. Imagine this orgy being the last image you see before getting hit by a bus. Let's break this image down. Starting clockwise, let's acknowledge the most exciting and screwed up character in this image: the ethnically ambiguous gal with ALL that *ss bone sticking out! She's cradled by the leg warmer queen who is also holding hands with the handsome chesty I'm-so-hot-and-cool dude they threw in in case your eye didn't already go to the *ss bone enough. Then we have the other guy in the picture who is having a touching connection with the *ass bone gal even during her entanglement with all these other folks. The possibly lesbian woman in plaid looks on longingly. They have all chewed dentyne before so as not to smell gross at the orgy. Supposedly cool and young straight people wish and dream that their sex lives were this exciting. What IS GOING ON HERE?!?!

I did indeed love K. I wonder if Jacqueline Smith did as well. They're closing the K mart on Astor place soon.

You can't get the American yellow label bottles of K no 'mo. I'm not a druggie, but I would do K again in a heartbeat. It's totally an sublime exception. It brings you closer to God.


Tenn. said...

K mart on Astor Place the latest casualty of depression 09? I love it ! Soon all these mega chain stores will be closed, and we can have swap meet / flea market in them , Virgin Megastore is supposed to be next !
Special K always scared the shit out of me, I was always in awe watching you kids do it!

Reavis Eitel said...

We were definitely in awe as well. Just no booze with it. Divine.