Sunday, February 28, 2010


Someone said I was thicker. I am no hulk, but I had to give away all my clothes (except for the larger jeans which I kept and had the waist taken in). I have to get a new leather jacket tomorrow and a whole new lot of American Apparel t shirts until I see what the heck happens next.
To add to the confusion I have been graciously welcomed into the the world of bizarre and complex mind games of hot men. The most awful for me are the ones that work overtime to get you to somehow confess to them that you like or desire them then they are done. They'll even push it as far as a statement from me of wanted to hit it, then fly away grinning. Very needy people. Lots of fan collectors. I still think that voluptuous sexpot monsters that grunt and just fall on top of you are the sexiest thing...

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