Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Not likely. I didn't venture to the ramble for trade as I know the outlook is bleak there. I thought I might get some images to illustrate the sexlessness and there were lots of families, but I try not to take pictures of kids from behind bushes in the park while in all black because it's too much even for me. Some brat did throw a water balloon at my ass and I didn't notice till I turned around and put it together.

There is currently a different type of bear problem in The Ramble.

There was a crime scene police line in a deserted area and I went past it looking for remains of some tragedy. There were two old wackers (whackers?) and I almost took a picture but since they were the only ones in the whole Ramble (and they saw me) I had mercy and didn't take the shot. Please Please forgive me.

I will never roam public areas for trade when I am old. I've never been attracted to the young, but maybe as I shrivel I will and I intend to pay people for sex acts like any self respecting community supporting Gay male.

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