Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have been going. I'm feeling very very VERY Gay lately and less in an avant-garde way and more of a hundreds of very friendly hot shirtless men dancing around me way. I can really only handle a few decades of going to clubs and seeing people with art painted on their faces. And the fashion queens are so jaded and sexually inept. Who cares what shape collar is in when you can be naked! I almost think I am too in shape to even blog ; I think that it actually does violate one of the conditions of blogger. Anyways I want to apologize to everyone that thought I might start reading again and go back to making art. I have not hit my rock bottom in shallowness, but I am working on it. Please forgive me for joining the borg collective. I did it in Cartier glasses.

(what really goes on after circuit parties)

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ayeM8y said...

Ooh go have some fun. After being all cooped up last year I can’t think of anyone that should be on the circuit more than you. Or naked for that matter.

Soon I will invent the Sex Circuit Transporter like the one in Logan’s Run. Instant rejection and gratification for the masses. Maybe not the masses but the pretty masses. I’m still working on that.