Sunday, September 25, 2011


WhO CaReS!

And I am definitely going back on words and actually video footage in my early blog where I was highly bitter and resentful of mass. My bony ass couldn't take it. I was unaware of it but muscle gave me feva.

I think it looks awesome - I do. I'm not trying to hit it because, as many Gay men refuse to understand, this size likes the same. Generally. Unless they are tranny chasers. Or Reavis chasers. Bodybuilders are a 3rd sexuality. It is sooGay. Now, not that I'm saying that I have or I haven't but hypothetically speaking I mean if I have... it's a playground under one a these men! I hear. I'm not near this freakishness and at 37 I won't be because it's genetically impossible for me and let's face it, it's countdown to 50 - every moment is precious. I do, however, not have the guns that I could have and am rapidly changing this. However, there's nothing to wear. I thought it was brutal when I couldn't fit into Helmut Lang in the 90's and I was truly a rail. I've been to all the stores and every single one has accommodated the modern man: small shoulders, skinny arms and love handles bigger than their flat asses. I'm sorry I'm not being a body Nazi it is a fact. Go to the stores. My sorry ass trying on dress shirts today all sweaty - it was a 'cryin shame. The pants I get to fit the ass and thigh and the tailor takes it in at the waist, like black men do. No skinny jeans for me it looks like a soda can on its side w legs. Anyways... So... I guess the other option is 80's gym puff pants and shredders. And then when you have a suit tailored you look like a monkey. It's awful both ways.

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