Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ugliest Gay sneakers ever. 8th avenue. I don't know how they stay open. Maybe the far left hi top is ok but... no, any closure near the toe didn't work a few years ago and is uncalled for. Bottom row is 'repulse' as my ___________ would say growing up. They're probably expensive. Well, at least I KNOW my sneakers are grotesque. But these persnickety things I can't even look at for very long.

Being sick fit isn't all fun. Two guys walking behind me for a while started up a conversation with each other about how out of shape they have gotten after a long silence of crawling up my ass. Then they bonded on how nothing fit and hugged and giggled. Then they passed me and put their arms around each other and I guess went home and had it off. I think it's the recession that's pushed people to not care for themselves. I'm not being arrogant - I really do think this is true. It's a component of depression, not caring about yourself. I hear confessions day in and day out. And then the hot ones are busy with mind games. So people are either apologetic or gorgeous and hard up. It's brutal out there.

Gays do this a lot. They display their goods in the bathroom. This one is pretty humble. There is usually a Calvin Klien something cologne in there. National Geographic calls it 'Acquisition Fetishism', which we take for granted but is very real when a naked tribesman with bones around his neck brings a television into his hut and they don't plug it in, but rather worship it. I never cared for knick knacks myself but I'm the Baron of Bare. I like an seemingly impoverished home. It's more spacious.

My acquisition display. I don't have yellow teeth - I simply want them to glow in the dark.

I was so excited the other night that I stayed up and saw the moon set. Have I bored you to death?

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