Thursday, May 13, 2010


All was ok... I guess. I was having a New York black and white cookie. No, I was having a Wm Jr Greenberg black and white cookie interspersed with the 1/4 of pecan sand cookies I purchased (the same ones I had for dinner growing up) and I'm all excited about my demented carnival night and my very close friend texts me that she's not feeling it. I have a meltdown on the museum steps in the rain. I moved to the bench wells next to the entrance. Some tourist kid in ugly tivo sandals and that puke khaki that won't die (the electric mustard baby puke one) tried to sit on my left and light a cigarette and a bitter old man told him not to so the kid asked if he could sit on my right and I said sure. After he started puffing I bummed one which he loved, then I crawled about 6 feet away from both him and the old crumb and carzytexted my friend with my shoulder to them. When I go inside there was only 45 minutes left before closing so I go to the very reliable Egyptian section which rarely changes and is always sure to have the same dead things. There's actually a very small temporary exhibition about the size of a big rental apartment in New York called Tutankhamun's balls or something - I don't know it was so brief that I walked right through in a few steps. So I kept walking around the same things I always have again. I took many pictures of demolished torsos as I went on the social site friend deleted. Yes I did. It was a very dark experience. Later, when we met up, I was informed that after my deleting that I was blocked. We had fun when we went out though. You can delete and block each other and still love later in the evening in real life.

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