Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I'm at Leee's party w my bytchez and this obese man is silently physically moving in on my main gf as we stand talking to someone with out backs to him. He then moves in more aggressively, breathing deep and smelly. So I take up a little more space and expand myself and back up a little a few times and sort of rotate and... basically push him away from our personal space with my huge ass. I have to say his huge stomach over my big ass shelf situation was bizarre for a few moments in terms of masses of form in conflict, but it was quick and he moved away. Then he came back when we were sitting down having cake. He kept trying to talk to my fiend and move in but she always knows what's going on and was busy in her friends ear and even gave him the hand a few times. So he grabs a little leather sitting cube and squats down on it in his huge striped puff sweat pants high waters tapered at the ankle (with camel toe) (w/ dirty sneakers below that didn't match) and moves in. The girls still ignore so he starts to try and get my attention. I ignore but it isn't working for me so I ask what he wants he he says my blonde friend. I say that she's my girlfriend and he is doubtful - then it was all over: Stella read him as only she could and he got the fuck away real fast.

He was then seen moving in on a big buxom blonde singer that performed there. He was using the same crotch first personal space hog approach and it really looked frightening from afar as this blonde flipped her hair and tried to focus on the conversation she was having with someone. Then the hostess, Cynthia, intervened and he said that he was a former Yankee player. She said that may be so but you can't come out dressed and acting like that and expect people to talk to you.

Hiding the ring on his finger from the shot.

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Anonymous said...

He ain't got no game....literally...haha!!!