Thursday, August 11, 2011


I don't have anything to pick with designer Jeremy Scott's new sneakers, I just have to make fun of anything I give a plug to that's making money. Just a little bit. Hey, I'm glad he got the Adidas job in this recession it must have been a close call. I loved his aqua faux snakeskin and orange trim high tops several seasons ago until some disgusting Lower East Side brat snagged them in less then an hour when I briefly left them outside my old Avenue C apartment door to dry off from the rain. The multiple shoe tongue pair that was made was very eye catching and I gues someone had to do it, but the people that got them were so ecstatic pointing at them that I just immediately hated them. Maybe it brought out a crowd who's tongues hang out. Desperate is never a cute look. I can appreciate all of them because I like a sneaker with some muscle, but I'm not sticking my foot into a panda bear. You know some 5'6" muscle midget dude is totally going to wear these...

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