Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Saw this at Strand when I was gift shopping and hauled all the way back there the next day to get it. 3 million copies! What do her shoulders say?

There is graffiti and then, as the NYPD has put it, scraffiti, made from etching, scratching or using acid to vandalize (or make art). Personally, I think the graffiti world has had it's art world moment and should now go away. Especially since I can't find a Banksy in all the graffiti art I've lifted off the streets over the years. What you see above and below is... Peelfiti? These subway ads are laminates and the kids cut through the rubber and strip them, often putting eyeballs and mouths on other ads. Sometimes the madness can be beautiful...

Upper East Side realness. 3rd Avenue royalty.

More closed Saint Vincents, 51st Street side. I wonder if Ezo stuck Ethelin the hospital or right there...

Ethel doesn't really care.

Breakfast. 57th & 9th. Face like 10 miles of bad road though.

ugly shitty hipster hat that I hope someone discarded when they came to their senses.

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twunty mcslore said...

Her clothes say Working Girl but her body language says Sister Wife.