Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is ideally where I would like to live. This is absolutely beautiful. I want ill fitting black shorts and crummy boots and some totally unattractive spectacles as I run up all psychotic with big crumpled ripping Duane Reade bags full of heavy junk and meds and syringes falling out as I fiddle with the locks swearing with a tiny bent key all psychotic and I've gotta be drugged or out of drugs or in need of something then open the doors and slam them shut and don't have to lock them behind me because nobody will try and come in there.

Inside, the former St.Vincent's Hospital (which I never knew had a midtown location by the way) would be all gutted and dusty with rows of huge gold Buddha's up two stories high . AIDS patients ghosts would walking around serenely looking awfully healthy, all blue and gold with floating Maxfield Parrish garbs as if it were underwater. My room would be a little box in the back with a futon (who needs a fancy kitchen and view with all that going on).

The oil lamp gates would be inside and restored. Who's will get these? These are gorgeous.

The people of NYC have not been happy about the closing of these St.Vincent's's.

Hot. It's big too.

Thank you graffiti artist for coming above 23rd st. People tried to peel them off but there is a canopy - too dry there. They have to be wet in the rain then you can peel them off. That's how I got my collection on the Lower East Side from the past 11 years: when it rains the glue gets soft. You get a roll of brown paper and fix them to it in a dry place then roll the paper up. 11 years later you unroll it and have serious art. No... sadly, I don't have a Banksy... wait... maybe... I'll look.

This I have to have. You know this whole thing is such an eyesore to most people that everyone runs when they have to pass this. It is seriously haunted. People stopped on the street at me taking pics of it. You just don't stop here. It's funny how residual energy is. I'm too curious though. Am I.

Across the street: the most carefully laid garbage I've seen in a long time (with a bed bug mattress gently laid on top). Somebody is a perfectionist. Beautiful garbage. I overheard two hot brothas in the gym once say about ugly men getting hot women, saying "Even garbage gets steak". (!) Another thought: "You'll never buy with money what you throw away" - Diamanda Galas

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