Monday, December 7, 2009


Keep your 'Friends' limited to people you know. What kind of person has all fake weird funny pics of inanimate objects and a name like this anyways?! So it hated a little on my page (much like the cowardly 'anonymous' all bloggers live with). I mean not bad, just a little too nyeah nyeah nyeah for my taste (they're ALL like that... and usually very ugly) and I deleted the 'person'. Then I got a tip and caught the fucker in the act. Like in Dog the Bounty Hunter when the big fat blonde bitch catches some girl that talks a lot of shytt on the phone but is really sorry and polite when she gets caught, I get THIS answer. What's worse a mean drunk or someone in AA? Yikes. Fail. Anyways, I was nice but comment away below all you Starstinkles out there. This is justice for fantasticas like myself who put themselves out there. Now that I know what you really look like (well this was a cute very sexy version of all of you actually so live for your Hollywood movie depiction version) and what your situation is I have no problem with you all. Keep reading my blog, it may keep you from leaving the house longer and having people see you. My thanks to db for finding the reavisperp.

And, more appealing than this posting, here's a photo of a bunch of hot guys making a real citizen's arrest.


db said...

All in a day's work, Sir. All in a day's work.

There are two other command shift 4 incidents in the DBI files that are currently under investigation. More and more leads are pouring in. We will keep you posted as these cases progress.

db -FB Dectective

db "You fuck with Reave, you fuck with me"

ayem8y said...

Tell It!

BTW - Thanks for standing up for me back a couple pages on the Buddha post.

Love Ya

Reavis Eitel said...

Well I mean who hates on someone in a Buddhist post!? Mind bending.