Wednesday, December 30, 2009


22 degrees and a lot of Euros. I was reading that tourism to Manhattan is dirt cheap after Christmas but I had no idea this was going to be the scene outside. Line stretching past the fountains. It looked worse than it was - single file to walk in. No rushing the art people. I had four hours before the 8 hours I had planned time to waste time before bed, so I dove into the madness. Inside was a circus of rich Italian women in shearlings perfume and expensive glasses with big tricked out logo temples on them, slithery tongued French guys in pairs with flat ugly Puma's on and Moncler crap and obese russians in floor length furs with cod fish faces and maps. That and many old Manhattan dowagers in all black with their poorer never married best friends. I tried to piece a panoramic tryptic in the below three shots from above but I took the first picture vertically by mistake...

The back of the Temple of Dendur had this big black hole in it... I think it's an air vent or something. I used to stare at it forever as a kid because I believed God was in there. I'm serious. It really disturbed my mother (even further). I'm still fixated.

Manhunt calling.

Angry rich old man screaming at his lawyer about doctor's appointment he just came from.

Who cares if children are touching the paintings when you have to get what you have to get.

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