Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's been since around New Years that Yoolulu (named after the famous Dutch furniture designer in Auntie Mame) was converted into ashes. I thought that I would pour them in the sculpture garden nearby that we used to play fetch at. There was a gravestone at the end of the garden near the fence that her ball sometimes hit when I threw it with the name 'Jane' on it, so I made that Lulu's gravestone. I had forgotten how fat my little bebe was - there was a lot of ash! By the end of Lulu's life she was such a smelly snaggle-tooth poop machine with all sorts of health problems that it was for the best that Lulu got put down when she did. Poor little thing.

This statue of a naked black man covering his crotch may rest in peace also as Lulu always threw a fit barking at it to no end.

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