Friday, August 28, 2009


I'll never have one. This one was bananas. Thank god this 85 year old cult member lady in a kaftan took me aside and felt me up. I needed that. She said I was a specimen of a male and clasped the right side of my neck after groping my chest. It made my night. She looked me right in the eye and said "You're Gay." and I said "sure". She said I'd get more that way. She said that she was tri-sexual because she would try anything. I told her I was becoming bi-sexual because I was going to have to buy it soon. OH, all the conflict at this event between this dead man's different factions of social involvement! There was a table of Catholics, a table of atheists, a table of whores (I was at that one), a table of family, a table of police (he was in the force) and a table of 'a course in miracles' people. All at a 57th street Japanese social club! There was an an ample supply of alcohol through the whole thing.

Carrie Donovan left specific instructions in her will that there would be no funeral or memorial service. Smart lady.