Saturday, January 16, 2010


"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back!" -Grandpa on 'The Munsters'

I love you fans out there sitting in the dark... or the florescent office.

I was having a particularly rough day on myself. I am such a receptacle of guilt. Everyone has been letting me have it lately. I have been seriously told by almost everyone about something I did that was careless with no option of forgiveness. Punishment is big in my family and I'm still getting the silence treatment from them for my meltdown on Christmas (yeah, it was bad). I can be made to feel very guilty very easily and you can be sure I will go fast to work giving myself hell. So I'm sitting on the calf machine at the gym while beautiful men are hating on me and I'm thinking about my crummy blog and my big mouth and some one was talking... to me? I took my head phones off and he wasn't asking about my tattoos. He loved my blog, especially my article on the very gym we were in. I told him people must think I'm so mean and he said no, that he and his friends love reading it and they love me. He was cute too. My day was slightly less awful after that. Sorry to gloat a little but I need it today. I'm sensitive.

"...your perspective is one that is one of a great curator , observer and most of all creator . I will be tenacious until you're on board =)" -Brian Mills of

I heard that the opposite of fear is curiosity, but I don't know if I'm smart enough to think that one out. I do know that when I'm scared to death that I don't want to know any more and that when I'm curious I am not living in fear. To curiosity, our curious nature and my most definite curious existence.


Anonymous said...

NOT on christmas!

Reavis Eitel said...

I did a full on Dawn Davenport and ran out swearing. They are not having it.

ayem8y said...

Damn Dawn! Luckily I got the gift that I wanted so I didn’t have to throw the Christmas tree in the boyfriends bed.

You were gearing up for the Davenport moment a full month in advance.

I had a lovely time with my family who are like the Brady Bunch. Except I was grouchy looking back on it. Worked right until Christmas day and headed back the next. Worked New Years day too.

I need a right now.

twunty mcslore said...

I skipped Christmas altogether. It was a very good day.
And compliments are the best. If you can make someone's day by handing one out, you absolutley should. Especially if it is directed at me.
Love you!