Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I still find garbage beautiful.

I never imagined that all the stroller pusher women that infested the West Village over the past 20 years would become leather men as a result of the the AIDSy ghosts of Gays that once lived there but it's true.

...NightBottom! It's actually a hotel on Bryant park.

The National Arts Club basement. They still haven't let me upstairs yet.

It's like low carb, but it's your bank account!

Only straight white guys scuffle around in shorts in freezing weather. I didn't see that the Asian guy in the middle turned until I got home. I think he was about to get banged now that I put it together. Everyone is so complacent about my taking any picture at this point and I absolutely love it. They either feel special or they just really really don't want to deal with me at all.

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