Sunday, January 31, 2010


I closed it. It's like being able to walk around your apartment naked. It's like not being amongst smiling friends who detest and criticize you every moment and you never know it. It's having everything ahead of me that I can plan and I can manifest and I can create and nobody absolutely nobody has any glimpse of my inner workings and no idea as to how i operate.

If someone went to a remote country and did an ad campaign of negative propaganda viewable to thousands if not millions of people that depicted me as evil and was designed to make them loathe me and I was never ever told about it I think that I would feel it and it would destroy my life. I don't think that my blog has encouraged anyone to truly hate me, but you put yourself out there and you become scrutinized. Why should I be scrutinized? My blog was not an act of promotion, I don't want to be famous and I can do close to whatever I want. I'm not so generous as to share that beauty of freedom with people who don't deserve it at all. They don't deserve it, not even on one of their best days.

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