Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Gay men have have had considerable trouble maintaining long term relationships, or even going on a second or third date. I know very few shining couples that have been together for a while that are happy and still actively in love and doing things together. I recently saw a publicly visible couple I've known about town that has always had an enviable long term status. They look great together and everyone knew them for their chipper demeanor and public affection for one another. Recently they publicly brought a third into the relationship. A very gorgeous one. The three all live their daily lives together and even have collective shows of affection while out. I loved seeing it ; I thought it was very innovative. Later I heard that many very sour queens (who were probably already hating on the undeniable charisma the couple's relationship had) had nothing but criticism. I don't know what sanctimony was thrown, but I did know that there was a fair amount of negative feedback from sourpusses. I think a third is a great idea. Why not embellish your relationship with some new flavor, but instead of being a Gay couple that has three ways (like many do in open relationships), get a monogamous third. It's practical and innovative. We are very modern people.

Paintings by Doug Malone

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