Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I like the tanning lifestyle. I like the skin color modification type living. It's like becoming a blonde. Born from pale white as bird droppings on Plymouth Rock, I spent two decades of my life wearing sunblock and caring for my skin. It started at 16 when I dated a man at the Shiseido counter and in more recent years I've used micordermabrasion, skin peels, putting gycolic acid on my face en masse and getting botox and then later dysport (uber botox) paralysis to my upper face. But I'm done with that. I've saved my skin long enough that I can now spend it's good health and the timing couldn't be more perfect. A woman that doesn't take care of herself as she ages ends looking like a man. A man that takes too good a care of himself as he ages ends up looking like a Lesbian. Bruce Jenner has illustrated this for all of us. So I'm hardening this guy up and giving my mug more character and what better way than with wrinkles and the ability to move my damn face for once. The wonderful thing is that I can pick my wrinkles. Hmmmmm. I've decided to visibly age...

They just added this new Cylinder of Death. It changes colors as you change color and it vibrates. I can't wait to see what new innovations come after this! Fr some reason the full width of the YouTube clip is chopped on rotten blogger.

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