Tuesday, April 27, 2010


They used to be sad and dumpy in ponchos peering over. Now it's a party. I was such a sourpuss about this that it was even hard for me to stand on the corner and film this as it showed and any interest. I'm not going to go in depth about New Yorkers and our general annoyance at tourists because you know all about it if you live here or have visited. Lately they have been wearing matching hats and outfits. The glitter wig douchebaguettes are new. Carry on, just when on the streets stop walking in a wall, stay to the right and don't stop suddenly: someone is always behind you. Also, stop looking so cluelessly terrified.

Busted. By the Hassidic man. Even after a throwing a penetrating look of invaded privacy nobody still wants to bother telling me not to snap a photo. He then covered his face... I think. I sort of remember that ; I wasn't paying attention I was too busy looking at what I got. It took a few tries to get this one. I can never seem to get a steady in focus picture on a moving subway. It wasn't about him anyway. I was trying to illustrate diversity (and the wonder of six people in a row that were all really over it).

Almost nobody has spring fashions to show off right now. With the economy and all, it seems that spring shopping was not on anybody's agenda this winter. That and exercising. This intermittently screaming at people and muttering to herself queen at least decided to match her wig and her shoes, which I appreciated.
This is the best I have for you today, but I am otherwise always at your...

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