Monday, April 26, 2010


I haven't been a fan of his, but I have no problem with the new low sodium restaurant laws Bloomberg is trying to pass in New York. This is coming from the man who did away with most street vendors and decided to turn a large portion of our streets into stupid bike lanes. The city has since not turned into some bicycle utopia ; this isn't Amsterdam and people need to get places. I am, oddly enough, ok with the low salt laws because everybody is fat and I'm tired of comforting friends who have body image meltdowns right before we go out to a club and then hit rock bottom at the last moment and don't go out with me because of their horror at what their winter gluttony has produced. Harsh but true - it's happened to me a few times recently. Also, the meatloaf at Mama's on 3rd street is all salt (I had to spit it out). I liked this fascist briny law enough to even post a younger looking and less ugly Bloomberg photo in my collage.

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