Thursday, October 22, 2009


Everything is confused tonight. I didn't look at the moon phase or my astrological reading. I'm am, however, glad that I converted all my cassettes to mp3 when I was sick last year. Big 6 foot who gives a damn inches guy balked at me over a facebook entry while I was trying to drink, which was charming. Some people.

This one pressed his muscleflab right up into me to get to the bar almost knocking me off my stool while cruising. Faned his flat ass all over my shytt while I was trying to talk with Mr.Mao. I'm sorry I'm not mean or critical of people physically and actually am very easy but this pan took the cake.

Bone structure sweetie. And way too much dermal information for you to see. Sheesh. Like spam simmered in meth - WHICH I am not. By the way, don't buy all these bearded Gay 2009 leather looking guys - it's just a look and they are all vanilla pussies that just groom their faces a lot. The Castro district man does not exist anymore. They don't make leather men like that anymore. I know, I've tried them.

Even the swiss cheese garbage cans were trting to hold it together tonight. Somehow I don't think painter's tape is going to do it, but ok, I'll go with it. I've pretended to go along with much more fragile people about to crack held together with less than scotch tape without looking in the slightest bit concerned about their flipping it. Yeah, sure you're fine. I'm sure your dreams are very soft and fuzzy. Night.

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J@v@JuNKo said...

lol love your humour! yes, the true gay Leather man is a rare breed now, just like punk is being taken over by douchebag boyband wannabes! its all one big identity crisis these days...