Monday, October 5, 2009


Come on people: Dress up! This picture of Desi isn't to illustrate how I feel, I love his t-shirt , but nobody dressed up tonight and I was bored silly. It makes a difference. Ok, Desi didn't dress up.

I heard from someone next to me on the stair stepper at DBG Astor that Suzanne Barsht was going to have the Halloween party we all need to have this year at that very location of her husbands gym. She told me tonight that it was difficult to do because of zoning and permits (this city is a impossible with these things) and that she had no idea and that nothing may happen. Everyone I know has been working on their costumes for months and I will be mortified to have no place because I am greeting UPS regulary at the door for my supplies.

LadyFag was dressed elegantly, as always, in a piece by Darren.

I don't know what it is but I'm ready to open one in my room at this hour right now.

Corey Grant Tippin (far right) confessed that he was a bored as well and that fun was usually something seen (or was it experienced?) in retrospect. If that is the case, I don't think there will be a retrospective of this evening. Aside from some very insightful compliments, the gentleman said that he thought that I always looked like I might crack at any moment (and he meant it in the best and most honest way). I thought it was really thrilling insight.

Then it happened. Outside someone's cigarette cherry almost right in my belly button. Just below to the left. A big ember. Isn't going to be pretty tomorrow. Enjoy the repulsive graphic detail and high end crap art I have made for you. God I need my scripts filled tomorrow. Night.

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joe*to*hell said...

who is this desi? i need to sex him