Sunday, October 4, 2009


Everyone's wearing them.

I had mine hand delivered by the artist himself. To a nightclub, of course. My garment didn't breathe and I was dewy and in constant montion so there was some slippage, but they stay one me very well moving about in the day.

I'm sure this crummy handiwork of mine above will not be appreciated, but I'm out of sleeping pills until tomorrow so this is what you are 'gettin. The glasses do curl up and fit in a film canister, so they are ideal for taking out at night if you fear that you may be out long enough to see day light. Please tell me what club you are going to where this happens, beacuse it isn't happening in this tired city. Yes, I do have a $10- reward tag written in pentel encased in dirty plastic on my keychain with my number on the other side.

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