Thursday, October 22, 2009


Had them custom made. With my name on them - in case of future theft. Sorry so small.

Bought these also.

Bought them.

Bought them in black too.

Evil Knieval memorial sneaker. Will buy them.

Bought them in every color.

You don't know what hi tops do to me. You don't know in your crummy little puma flats. Btw puma = barf. Even if you're European. Wait, especially if you are European. Pussies in flats. Hi tops kicks massive ass on every level and allow full blood circulation to my cock. Anything short of a hi top is a slipper. I would rather live on a single futon mattress than forsake the square footage of my apartment dedicated to my sneakers. If you have dirty sneakers then you have not checked your soul. The first thing I do when I come home is clean my sneakers. Hi tops are the living end.

Oh yeah, the red one of these also.

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