Sunday, September 13, 2009


I actually do enjoy nature. Especially if I can drive through it, as was the case with the Mount Washington Auto Road. Well, driven - I don't know how to drive. I can't discuss family or have images of them or even vaguely describe my experience as they are very very serious about privacy, but I can share with you that I am dearly loved. So back to NH: The north country and New England in general is entirely undecorated, puritanical and completely lacking in sensuality. It baffles me. At night after all went to bed I often stood in front of a full length mirror in underwear and sunglasses with my ipod on really loud bugging out. I didn't used to do this but let me tell you it is very liberating. It's so sterile up there. I needed a noise machine with the sound of the street to go to bed. I became very very slightly fat up there so I won't be doing any mirror dances any sooner than... 6 days.

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