Monday, September 28, 2009


This is a repulsive blog entry. You have been warned.

It's true. I do. I got hormones running through me and I need the protein I need chickens. Now! I especially like to buy an entire rotisserie chicken and sit across from a vegetarian or vegan at whole foods and pull it apart with my bare hands, chucking the bones in a basket. I close my eyes and breathe deep when I snap that wishbone and always have two awesome options in each hand. Love or sex / sex or spirituality / vapidness or depth - all good. Its a win win situation every time. If they is somes left, I sticks my leftover chickens meat in a container and eat the rest about 35 minutes later, sometimes on the street with some raw broccoli. Floss at home. I'm a growing man I have needs get out of my ways I'm 'eatin CHICKEN!

They have a really expensive latex bodybuilder mask (lashes and all)! Will you buy it for me? It's European you know.

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