Sunday, September 27, 2009



ayem8y said...

Thinking of going to New Orleans for Halloween and wearing the purple helmet. The velvety costumes I have are from the late 1800’s “Odd Fellows Secret Society” I think I’ll be a Victorian Odd Fellow.

“Would you like to see my purple Odd Fellow?”

That or Skeletor, or Emperor Ming the Merciless, David Carradine with a belt around my neck, Farrah Fawcett, Bea Arthur, Eunice Shriver as Skeletor, and Patrick Swayze.

Reavis Eitel said...

Can u combine all of them?

YES the purple helmet has to be rocked!!!

Reavis Eitel said...

The last group would be great to combine!

Yes, the purple helmet must be rocked!

Mitzi said...

We don't really celebrate it over here, but I imagine they's going to be a lot of Susan boyles roaming the streets of America and scaring the kids.

Reavis Eitel said...

I know the closest you have is guy fucks day. I know that's not how it's spelled. Effigy does sound fun though.

My British friend Lucy (who you called fat) LOVES Halloween here though.