Thursday, September 17, 2009


I agree. I only like the classics, including Lugsi and The Hunger. The modern vampire is cheesy.

My friend had this on a cork board forever. I'm glad he heeded the novelty item warning.

You know a building is a community of good people when their recycling bins are over filled but are a gently and perfectly placed balancing act with no bags. It was like putting a card on a house of cards when I placed my water bottle on it. Trash can be pretty.

Fashion week ends.

Seriously, would you ever fuck a guy that wore one of these.

Two gorgeous gals I know who just moved to Chinatown have a perv-stalker in a high rise above them with a flood light that watches them. No joke. He actually has a swiveling flood light. One of the girls got the police on it and the police man was really hot also, like 6'2" hulking black guy. Now they have been dating for over a month. Walking home tonight me and one of the gals looked up and she was able to pinpoint the apartment. My handy new zoom lens got it. I was hoping that the shadow was of a telescope because then we would have evidence, but I think it is a fan. This is totally a true New York story.

Damn fancy new dry clean only black jeans staining my legs all black dammit.


ayem8y said...

God I’m so sick of Vampires and that “Twilight” shit excuse for semi-teen porn. I tried reading Anne Rice after about the third book or so I was exhausted, she’s entirely too windy, going on and on page after page describing nothing.

Them some ugly shoes.

Nice jean stains though : )

Reavis Eitel said...

And it's an expensive euro shoe store in Soho. Ghastly Keebler Elf gear must be in for them I guess.