Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes, the haters have ceased commenting. Thank you.

I know that mental illness is sad and not a joke firsthand, but this guy is my favorite. He's always in Chinatown and for years he has sat in the middle of traffic spurting profanity. People stop in crowds horrified, wondering what to do and how to help. He always eventually rows himself backwards with his arms while still on his ass to the curb while swearing. He accosts people with spit and swears regularly and he's really really good at it. He had a bunch of midwestern tourist teeny bopper girls in short shorts paralyzed with terror at the beginning of the summer as he said... well I cant get into it but he uses the word cunt and a whole bunch of other in the best combinations I have ever heard replete with toothless spit and and flapping fish lips. I mean it's brilliant and he draws great crowds. If he was sane enough to just put a little open crumpled hat near himself he would make a fortune. From me.


ayem8y said...

Aww, I’ll miss the haters even though I never once noticed a hateful comment. You’re not doing your job. Get out there and make more people hate you...Oh yes, Piss Fuck Shit Damn Cunt. And my personal favorite that I was called by a five year old, Butthole Bitch! Now how could a five year old recognize that I was a Butthole Bitch? I guess I'm nellier than I thought. The little TWAT.

Reavis Eitel said...