Friday, September 25, 2009


My sleeping pill only puts me out for 12 hours and I can't wake up and take another and go back to bed it's just not right. I'm not depressed anyways. It isn't until early evening that I like to go to the gym and how long can one prepare for that? All your life. In any case, my life has become very carnal and culturally empty and I have neglected the part of my intellect that has absorbed so much knowledge and culture over the years. Good and delightful and intelligent things have seemed sour to me and that means it's truly time to reacquaint myself with learning and the arts as I look into returning to school and furthering my degree.

I love these rooms. They recently redid the upholstery as they were looking 'tired' (their exact words, they actually said that in an interview). I'm very tempted to take a picture of a gorgeous UES marble townhouse and post these pictures along with a description in the Craigslist apartment section and see what kind of roommates apply. The only show they had was Vermeer's 'Milkmaid' which had a huge crowd of old smelly international tourists all around it. Real smelly. The world is in bad shape, not just America. You aren't missing much with this maid, by the way. She looks like a nun and it said that the milk pouring was sensual for the time. How awful that time must have been. I'd take Lady Hennesy's milk over hers any day. I went all over the place as I know the entire museum like the back of my hand ; growing up my mother would regularly try to loose us there and my sister and I have a freakish knowledge of the ground plan. I sniffed at the new American Wing's choice of plastic ferns, checked out the pieces on the statues in the African section and wrapped it up with mumble-chanting 'Om Ba La Mo Ling To Ning Svaha' (Karma erasing mantra - I mean business) to myself 51 times from my laminated wallet chant card in front of a Buddha in the Eastern section much to the approval of a hippie tourist lady. Ah the Metsrupollutan!

Gays carrying on in the panoramic circular Versailles mural. Is panoramic and circular redundant? I don't know. Maybe I'll learn in school. By the way, remember when museums were a swarming place for cruising Gays. Not anymore, thanks to the internet. It's true. Well maybe a few very old Gays but I didn't see anything.

Mm Mm Mm. Tom of Finland made coarse coloring books in comparison to this series of bronze busts of Sherman's Black soldiers. All the nose whittling and jaw implants in the world can't get you this divine mug. You just can't get that.

But can he draw? If I wasn't an insecure artist before, I sure am now. Wow, papa!

I've never been attracted to these boys and they always hang all over me.

Arrrrrrrrrg! No, don't do it girl Arrrrglllllll!

There were some lovely busts (that's the head you know) of the daughters of wealthy patrons in a small show by... some guy. The one above caught the light in one tiny fleck in her right eye that looked like a diamond chip tear and I became very involved with it for a while.

She was my favorite today. I just love huge eyes.

Sorry, I'm low on material lately.

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