Saturday, September 19, 2009


I sure do. From the days when my mother and I wouldn't be seen in anything other than Mugler, Montana & Gaultier. Also from the days when I had a serious clothing budget. I always had 10-12 blazers of each of these designers that were relatively very in season and everyone hated me for it.
Everyone except my friend Tina Bates who had a real custom made cage blazer made in Paris. She was the shit for that. My mom and I would go to those Onward Koshiyama sample sales and drop the coins. Those sales were sick and brutal ; you had to carry everything you wanted to buy or someone would snatch it. My mom once got in a tug of war with a lady over some slinky scarf. She won. Don't mess with a red head with egyptian scarab bangles up to her elbows. Everything Gaultier I had I sold at resale for nothing years later. All gone. There may be some pieces in the back of my mom's closets, I don't know. AH, the days when shoulder pads, laces and boning just made me...

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