Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I don't care that I'm going to look totally lowbrow posting demented Manhunt profiles. I did post a lady with a removed uterus puppet. To hell with it. This one takes the cake. The first image of him even has the word 'danger' written over and over behind him. I don't know how far into crystal meth psychosis this guy has delved into, but I have a feeling that I wouldn't be welcome at the door unless I brought some Ronsonal torch lighter butane, 5 bottles of blue Gatoraide (they like that) and a pound of calamari. What's with the squid fetish in these pics?! Look, hats off for the creativity, but the reality is TOTALLY "It put the lotion on or it gets the hose"! EEK!

Oh yeah, his screen name is 'PhistPhucker'and I'll share is interests...
"Hammering, Nailing, Pounding and Screwing! Its symbolism, expression, vivid imagination, and balls!!My Motto:Imagination is more important than knowledge. A. Einstein My Credo: Inventions are nothing more than extensions of our mind. L. Da vinci Supercharged Bipedal Suspension Built to take the roughest of rides **Enhanced Diametrically Opposed Versatility.****Powered by Zen**MASTER/Artist/Poet/Photographer/Lover29 in waist, avid lifter,no tan lines25 years HIV pozI am into SOPHISTICATED KINK ISO....ARTISTIC SEX SLAVE APPRENTICE..... Based In LAS VEGAS" ...but his profile is listed in Fire Island.

B L E S S H U H H E A R T ! ! !

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