Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes darling, The Belvedere. Take the website tour. I will be spending my summer there, 3 long weekends. I picked the room 'Oak' because I thought my tattoos and I would look best in it, but all the rooms are criminally fabulous. The place is covered in plaster cherubs and gods and little trickling fountains - I mean get into it. It even has it's own little Catholic chapel like a good velvet mafia palace should. The creator of this fantasy establishment, John Eberhardt, said that when he dies he wants his ashes sealed in an urn and placed in the Belvedere's chapel. Major.

I will not be in the pines, but the more low key and seemingly less affluent lesbian Cherry Grove. I tried the Pines a decade ago and unfortunately picked a doozie of a house that wasn't for me. I am still slightly scarred. I'll water taxi over for fun and stroll back to my room barefoot along the beach late at night. I will not be visiting the once cruisy sunken forest. The one night when I did go in the pitch dark I spent literally 10 minutes cruising this guy wearing white leaning against a tree. When I finally did get up close and kicked it to him I found that he made a scrunchy noise when I touched him and I shrieked: It wasn't a man, I was cozying up to a filled up white plastic garbage bag hanging from a tree!

I'm not knocking peoples fun - have fun! I just never fit into the Sorority politics of many gay houses ; as beautiful as I am I've never felt like 'one of the boys' as I don't get a cruel kick out of leaving people out and that comes up as a component of membership sometimes. It is my hope that this summer, since I've reserved a more reclusive abode in a beautiful environment, that I can smile, relax, feel gorgeous and enjoy the healing properties of the ocean. I can also finally read Liz Renay's "My First 2,000 Men". Ok, and let's face it I'm going to be popular as hell - I can't help it.

I'm not worried about the deer.


joe*to*hell said...

i wanna come

Jimmy said...

Im going to visit you every weekend

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