Sunday, March 1, 2009


Photographs by Shelby Duncan

The ultimate Gay man trapped in a woman's body, Chezza Zoeller, at last has a slowly burgeoning blog. Not to make a jab at someone while giving them a plug (who, me?), but the header is a little earthy 'summers eve' basket weaver / 'how to make an American quilt' -esque for my taste, but who am I to judge with the blotchy blues and reds in my header (they didn't look like that in photoshop!) that I still can't bring myself to change? You'll notice that almost none of the blogs in my blog list have white backgrounds or flowers and pastels. I enjoy the casual spiritual conversations I have with Chezza and her wonderful sense of humor when I throw a fit over any form of dogma. Chezza's towering and beauteous personage has always made me want to start a fertility cult around her (if she split the dividends with me). I imagine wheeling her out on one of those Hannibal Lecter carts (without the face brace) done up as King Tut as she rhythmically looks to the right and left to cymbals, her exposed privates all leafed in gold. Perhaps this vision I have of her will encourage Chezza to exploit her exotic nature on her blog... or get the hell away from me if she's in her right mind!

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