Monday, March 2, 2009


ClIcK & GaG!

Oh my goodness what is going on here? I was raised here in the city and never learned to drive. Most American kid's freedom was their car which they took to a keg, mine was a yellow cab to a door person that knew me to a drink ticket. I intend to learn to drive this fall but this very odd intersection was a real discouragement for me.


ayem8y said...

Growing up in Mississippi you only had to be fourteen to get a driver’s permit. I had a car at fourteen. I would drive to the gay bars at fifteen with my fake I.D. You only had to be eighteen to drink so fifteen was close enough for most of the doormen.

Mitzi said...

I wonder why some countries drive on the right and others on the left. I'm going to have to learn to drive on the right when I move to France. Double sometimes triple roundabouts fox me. Reavis that junction is easy just close your eyes take a deep breath and go for it!