Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yeah right. With the growing delinquent readership of this here blog (yes, YOU!), the opportunities have been, well, maybe a living for me. I'm still not interested in the latest movie's advertisement or giving a friends faceless company or goofy named corporation a plug. I feel fortunate in not reading popular magazines and not even knowing who somebody is until they get beat by their man. I really don't know. I love it that way. It's a reclaiming of innocence while I restructure my thoughts, words and actions in an often cruelly behaving society. It's my hope and a dream of mine that I can lend myself to more charity in the future years of my life, at which point I may put icons of these charities to the right, but that may be it. I think everyone has fantasies of helping other people on a larger scale. I think it is actually our true nature.

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