Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is my dilemma, and it's not a nice series of thoughts I'm having and I'm sorry: It the discos of NYC everyone all glam'd up is really unattractive or has their entire head and body wrapped up in a poor man's Leigh Bowery sort of way and it's tired. I'm not going out there. Every place to go out that has a hot guys usually has a sort of scary style and listens to techno 'anthems' and you might run into a glow stick, Abercrombie & Fitch logos and other scary stuff. I'm not going there either. Plus I want to wear nice or at least ok shoes and these place are all filthy. I don't have the energy or resources to cope with someone shouldering me and not saying excuse me. Is this relative sobriety & age? Yes, it is and I'll just face it. But I can dream about a well ventilated night club with an organized agenda at not being over crowded. It would all be made of lucite with a fully uniformed staff constantly polishing and cleaning the place while you are there (like the Chanel tumor pavilion in Central Park this fall) and would have polite gloved security with soft fluffy bopper sticks would usher people safely through tight intersections where crowds might form (like the Japanese subways). There would be enough bartenders and if any crowding at the bar happened the floor manager would put more bartenders behind the bar. You would have the option for 1 1/2" wide clear plastic wraps for around your shoe when you arrived, like those umbrella bags. Ok, this is never going to happen. Let's just bring mosh pits back.

I'm not 'bitta.

This should be my new look. A Gary Numan pirate flasher. Does he have a fanny pack on or has he done something improper with Vader's helmet?

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