Sunday, March 15, 2009


As close to Venice as I can get.

Now that Shepherd Fairy has the Obama "Hope" in the Smithsonian (and in serious litigation over copyright infringement of the Obama photo it was drawn from right at the moment), I finally framed my prints from over a decade ago. I thought they were the hottest ones at the show when I got them (the best way to buy art) and I still love them. I once had them thumb tacked at the corners (!) so I had to finally save them in these very affordable Blick "galery" frames.

"The General"

"Obey Fist" Everybody has something cute to say when this is a centerpiece in you home.

"The Inforcer" This man is so mean looking and so hot. I was totally involved with a string of of guys that resembled him.

My mamma under Obama. I think it's the 50's on a cruise sun deck. She's always mad cool in any picture.

Hirschfeld print of La Cage Aux Foilles from my mom (count the 'Ninas'). I always kept it in the closet because I'm not a huge fan of his, but people just absolutely love it to death so I'm displaying it. It's definitely a pretty cool theme for a print that came from a mom.


Mitzi said...

I thought the picture under Obama was Madonna of yesteryear, when she was a looker.

twunty mcslore said...

I love playing "Count the Nina's"
Your Mom is hot. Mine too. Not one day in the sun- flawless skin.
She had me on a skin care regimen at age 11. Masks twice a week w/ toner, morning cleanser, night cleanser, Tzone light moisturizer and medium for the rest. I told you she sold Avon and MaryKay. Always listen to your mother's beauty tips!! She has earned her wisdom!
(Love you, Reavis. Saw your hot ass on Billy's blog)
By the way, I am the only sober person in Cleveland right now. And I am not wearing green. It makes me look sallow. (another mom tip)

Reavis Eitel said...

Hahaha! Baby does have back - well actually it's the Eitel jeans. Thnx.

Moisturizing mommies. Yes if my mom was on a fancy cruise in the 50's I'm sure she didn't want to be and was totally beatnik & over it looking. You are right, very fair red hair green eyes NO SUN. On the sun deck in a sweater !

Reavis Eitel said...

I'll tell my mom she was taken for a hot Madonna it will make her day.