Sunday, March 8, 2009


I know I'm wearing them in my profile picture (except mine aren't Wayfarers, they're Cutler and Gross). The reason I'm wearing traditional glasses is because that's what gentlemen put on when they don't have their contact lenses on. Now it's gone out of control - everybody is 'that person' in the huge glasses (without a prescription) and sock hats. I haven't been seen in these specs since this picture was taken two years ago. I'm starting to cringe at the image, but I'm afraid to ruin or toy with the uniformity of the way the blog appears, plus it's nice disguising myself from people. One thing I may change is the shoe polish hair... when mine grows back after this rotten chemo. I saw a lot of salt and pepper hair tonight at a show and it does look dignified and is a lot less work. I think I'm ready. I don't think I'll stop having my brows and lashes dyed, that's just common courtesy.


twunty mcslore said...

Hi, Reavis. Forgive me, but I had no idea you were in chemo! Are you okay? You've got me worried.

Reavis Eitel said...

Lol I'm ok & am not one to complain - I only have a month and a half left anyway. It's what I call elective chemo - mild in comparison to the cancer chemo: I'm on interferon and have been for 9 1/2 months! It is a cure for the ever so classy hep C and I will be cured they said - like CURED cured, not lying dormant or under control but the status of someone who never even had it!!! It's quite remarkable and not only do very few succeed in the treatment but most people are suicidal on it and have to quit.
Oddly, I've adapted to this poison that is curing me, but it has made me look haggard as hell in the face which I'm not used to. Oh boo hoo lol.
Thanks for your concern, I will be vibrant by late summer. xo r

ayem8y said...

Okay I live with my hairdresser (just roommates) and he used to perform a total all inclusive color treatment. First he would put on a frosting cap, stick knitting needles through a tiny hole, stab my scalp, and pull a few measly hairs through the hole. Then bleach these hairs and then tone them with blond. Then he would repeat this procedure but he would tone with a medium brunette. Then finish with a clear shiny sealant. It really was a gorgeous hair color that looked naturally streaked and sun kissed and completely covered my gray.

I finally grew weary of this and shaved it all off and resorted to my natural salt and pepper hair color. It was shocking at first and sort of aged me ‘up’ but I like the attention that it receives. I still fight the eyebrow patch though. I still get the clear coat treatment because it really makes it glossy.

twunty mcslore said...

Wow, thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea that you could cure Hep C. Feel better, baby.
It's funny, doesn't Pammy Anderson have Hep C? Is she on the same treatment? Cuz that would explain a lot. The poor gal looks awful hagtastic these days.
Big kiss,

Reavis Eitel said...

"Get me... a knitting needle!!!"

Yes I'm ready for the silver or I'm going to resemble Reagan sooner than later!

I know Pam had it, I don't know that she was on the cure and if it did or didn't work or if she is on it now. I think she may look haggards because she's 40, I'm not sure.

Natalie Cole tried the treatment and it didn't work (African Americans genetically have a much higher failure rate).

What is a Twunty McSlore and what's ayem8y mean?

twunty mcslore said...

I am a twat, cunt, slut and whore. Twunt and slore were created by douchebags a few years ago so that they could call girls a bad name to their face and they wouldn't know what they were talking about. I am meerly owning and embracing my uber femininity, by taking the terms out of their hands and into my own.
Aw, fuck it. I thought it was funny at the time.

Reavis Eitel said...

It's still funny.